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Well Women Visit Specialist

Daisy Manuel-Arguelles, DO

Family Practice Physician located in Sonoma, CA

Scheduling a well woman exam is among the most powerful ways to maintain optimal health and wellness. Daisy Manuel-Arguelles, DO, offers well woman care as part of her family practice specialty in Sonoma, California. Through her years of experience, Dr. Manuel-Arguelles has developed an extremely personable approach that puts you at ease during these critical appointments. Schedule a visit today to meet with Dr. Manuel-Arguelles and complete your annual well woman exam. Online scheduling is available, or you can always reach the office by phone to set up your visit.

Well Women Visit Q & A

What are well woman exams?

If you’re like many women, the obligations of work, home, and family can overwhelm your weekly schedule, leaving you precious little time for yourself. Well woman appointments are a chance for you to set aside those responsibilities for a short time and focus on your own health and wellness.

Your well woman exam is a combination of health screenings and education. They’re also a chance for you to ask Dr. Manuel-Arguelles any questions you have regarding troubling symptoms, family planning needs, or anything else regarding your health and wellness.

What should I expect during a well woman visit?

During the initial portion of your visit, you’ll speak with Dr. Manuel-Arguelles about your overall health and any changes you’ve noticed since your last appointment. She’ll ask questions about your lifestyle, menstrual cycle, sexual health, and health history.

The physical examination includes a breast exam to check for tissue abnormalities. You should also complete regular self-exams at home, so this is a great time to ask about the best techniques. Next comes a pelvic exam, which allows Dr. Manuel-Arguelles to complete a routine check of your reproductive organs.

A Pap test is also part of your well woman exam. This simple screening is the most effective way to detect cellular changes that indicate cervical cancer and is a critical part of your overall health care. Dr. Manuel-Arguelles will discuss how frequently you should have this test and whether she feels any additional screening is needed.

How can I prepare for my well woman exam?

The most important thing you can do to prepare for your exam is to create a list of any questions or concerns you have. Be open and honest about your lifestyle, health, and concerns.

The information gathered during these visits helps shape your care, so be sure to openly discuss your concerns. Finding a doctor you feel comfortable with is one of the most essential things you can do to preserve your health. That’s why Dr. Manuel-Arguelles takes the time to get to know you and build a lasting relationship.

If you’re overdue for a well woman exam, contact the office by phone or online to schedule your visit and put your health as a priority.

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